Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Girl Of The Year 2014 News

Warning! If you don't want to know about GOTY 2014 don't look below!

GOTY 2014 is going to be a ballerina.
Her code name is Blanche Palmer.
Blanche is a 10 year old girl who has a dream about being a professional ballet dancer, but she has a bit of stage fright when dancing. The stage fright stops her from showing her amazing ballet talent. She has an older sister, Jade who is considered the best ballet dancer in her school.Blanche and Jade have a very close relationship with each other, but Blanche feels like she's living in the shadow of her sisters talent. Blanche has a competitor named Renata who is the same age and dances with perfection since her parents hired a private coach. Renata criticizes Blanche for small mistakes in her performances. Jackie Sanchez, a retired world class ballerina then becomes a role model for Blanche and her sister.
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Do you plan on getting Blanche?

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