Sunday, March 30, 2014

The LEGO Fan Club!

Hi AG fans!
I know a lot of you have brothers who watch you reading blogs all the time and think "I wish I could get involved too."
Well, guess what? I have a brother myself and I decided to do something that boys would like.
I decided to start...The LEGO Fan Club!
Here's how it works:
Every Sunday I'll post for The LEGO Fan Club.
There will be lots of activities that they can participate in.
This is NOT for boys only. The LEGO Fan Club is open to everyone.
Okay, are you ready? The LEGO Fan Club is about to start!
Hi everyone!
Are you ready for The LEGO Fan Club? It's gonna be awesome!

Tell me your favorite character from The Lego Movie and why. You can tell me your favorite part too.
Email your answer to
The last day to email your answer to me is Saturday, April 5.
Have fun!!!:D

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