Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fun Precepts!

Hi guys!
Please excuse the terrible title, I couldn't think of anything better!
My friend Leah sent me these, and I'm obsessed! You probably will be too!

Welcome To Our Adventures

Friendly sarcastic :)


Which one was your favorite?


  1. I love those...I can literally relate to all of them!

    1. I know! My favorite is the one that says "doing things that aren't necessarily a girly thing".

    2. Mine is either the "i like being sarcastic" one or the "i have to sleep with a blanket on no matter how hot it is" xD

  2. Okay, so yesterday (Wed), I was at a Church waiting for my friends to get there, and I said to my sister. "Whats today?" she said "Wednesday." with a duh look on her face and I said "No, like the number." she said "Idk." then a started laughing and said "Thats the same thing that teenage post thing said 'WHATS TODAY? wednesday. NO, LIKE... THE NUMBER.'!" then we both started laughing. LOL ~Leah