Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saige's Profile

Hey everyone!

Saige and I have some big news!
Saige has her own profile!!!
It's right below!

                                                                  Name: Saige Copeland
                                                                    Favorite Food:Tacos
                                                                 Birthday: October 8 2003
                                                                             Age: 10
                                                       Dream Job: Artist or Horse Trainer
                                                       Hobbies: Horse riding and Drawing
                                     Description: Long curly auburn hair, Blue eyes, Freckles
                                                  Personality: Loves horses and drawing.
                                                         Best Friends: Gabi and Tessa
Saige and I are so excited!
I recommend Saige 100%, so if you like her buy her!


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