Saturday, June 7, 2014

Katie's Dream Vacation Quiz!

Hi everyone!
School ended yesterday for me, yay! We had to make up a LOT of snow days.:(
Katie has a fun Summer quiz for you all.:D
1.What is your favorite Season?
a. Summer
b. Winter
c. Spring/Fall

2.Where would your dream birthday party be?
a. On a tropical island!
b. Antarctica!
c. Somewhere where I can celebrate with all my friends!

3.What  clothing would you need to pack for your dream vacation?
a. Lots of swimsuits and tank tops to beat the heat!
b. Sweaters, coats, scarves, and mittens to keep you warm!
c. Casual everyday wear.
Mostly A's
Your dream vacation's at Hawaii, where you can swim and tan all day!

Mostly B's
You're dream vacations at Antarctica, where you can sled and build snowmen all day!

Mostly C's
You're fine with going anywhere, as long as your loved ones are there with you!

Here are my answers!
1. Winter
2. Somewhere where I can celebrate with all my friends!
3.Casual everyday wear.

Happy Summer!