Sunday, October 12, 2014

What I Think of AG's New Release!

Hi guys!
I had so much fun with WITOB, I decided to do another one!
*Please remember that these are my opinions. Yours may be different, but don't say anything rude.*

Holiday dress

OMG! I am in love! I need this outfit!


I don't really care for this one. But I like the pattern on the pants!

Winter outfit

The shorts make it look weird.

Western outfit

This is definitely Saige inspired. It's a little too cowboy-ish for me.
Ice skating
Why does this remind me of Elsa from Frozen?

Wow! I've seen these in Chicago and St. Louis before! I especially love the carriage!

Wouldn't you freeze to death in this outfit? AG obviously didn't use logical thinking.

What?!? $32 for this! You can make everything yourself!!!

Why the heck would someone want to by a coat with sleeves that say AG on it?!?!

Again, this is Saige-inspired. It would be great if you had the horse carriage too!

Overall, everything looked pretty good. It's just the unbelievably expensive prices that I hate.
What do you think of AG's new release?

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