Saturday, February 28, 2015

Yum Yum!- A Photostory

Hi guys!
Long time no see, eh? Well, today I'll make up for that with a 3-in-1 post with a photostory, craft, and photo for you to caption.

Saige is making a candy jar to enjoy later. She just put in the finishing touches and she's ready to eat!

                                                    "Saige! It's your turn to shovel the snow!"
            Katie watched as Saige disappeared out the door and started climbing up the chair.
                                                Katie grunted as she hoisted her leg up.
                                       Katie jumped up and saw the candy jar on the table.
                                     "I'll just take one chocolate. I'm sure Saige won't mind."
"Oh, look! A green peanut butter M&M! My favorite!

                                                "Yeah, I'll just eat this pile of candy and then I'll leave."

                                            1 hour later...

 "Finally! I can sit down and enjoy my candy! What the-? How is there only a few M&M's left?
Here's a picture of the candy jar! I'll show you how to make it.
You'll need:
A clear glass jar(I got mine from the $1 section in Target. Make sure your jar's clean too!)
Some candy(I used M&M's and Hershey Bliss Dark Chocolate.)
                                                                 A Ribbon(Optional)
1. Fill your jar with the candy.
2. Put the cap/cork on the jar. You can also tie a ribbon on the jar like I did.
See how easy that is? Now it's time for "What Is She Doing?"!
Give a caption for the photo below. I will pick my favorite caption next week.

Katie: Oh, look at these delicious candies! I'm sure Saige won't mind if I take a few...
30 minutes later...
Saige: I can't wait to enjoy my candy jar! Wait, how is it empty? What the-Katie!
Katie: Uh oh.
I hope you enjoyed my post! I still haven't posted my headband giveaway yet. Sigh. I'll get to it.

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