Monday, January 20, 2014

My New American Girl Bunk Bed!

Howdy people!
My Dad ordered a bed from Ebay and it came a few days ago!
I didn't have time to post it, though.:(
It was $30 and it came with a bunk bed, a ladder, and 2 sheets.
                                                                       Isn't it adollable?
                                                    It's only 4:30 P.M. right now, Saige!:D
Have you ever bought anything from Ebay?
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
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  1. How cool! I have a bed that EXACTLY like that! But it has a trundle bed underneath. :)

  2. My mom gets me stuff for my dolls all the time from Ebay! Love your bed I just got the same bed. Gotta post it on my blog!
    like your blog!

    1. Thanks! If you want, you can send me some photos!