Thursday, January 16, 2014

Giveaway With That's Lolli!

Hi girls!
Wendy from That's Lolli Etsy Shop sent me a headband to do a review and giveaway with!
                                                     Here's what you could win!

                                                    Saige looks adollable in this headband!
This headband is perfect for Valentines Day!
Are you ready to win it for your doll(s)?
Here's how to enter:
You must have a parent's permission if you're under the age of 18.
Follow me on Bloglovin' and Google+
Go to That's Lolli Etsy Shop and tell me your favorite item.
If you have an Etsy account, favorite That's Lolli.
Spread the word!
Sorry, but I can only ship to US and Canada.
The last day to enter is Friday February 7.
I'll pick the winner randomly.
Thanks for entering!
Good luck!


  1. I followed you on Google +, and I have my parent permission to enter this contest.

  2. I followed you on Google+, and I have my parents permisson. My favorite thing is the "Rainbow Chevron AG headband".
    Thanks for doing this giveaway! The picture of Saige is reallly pretty.

  3. My favorite item is the One Direction hair ties! Thanks for the giveaway! I have my parent's permission. :)

  4. My favorite item is the Captain American hair clips! :D I also Favorited their shop!

  5. My Favorite thing from Windy's shop is the Light Pink handmade satin flower hair clip! Its so cute!

  6. I have my parent's permission! My favorite item is the gymnast headband! ( Sorry it might not be on there I look at her stuff on Instagram) ! Good luck!