Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rainbow Loom Creations!

Hi AG fans!
You probably know about Rainbow Loom, a popular bracelet making kit.
Well, I used my kit to make some doll-sized items!
                               I made matching bracelets! Saige's bracelet can also be a ring.
                                                 I also made a purse/handbag for Saige!
Do you have Rainbow Loom too? Do you make items for your doll with the kit?
If you make anything for your doll(s), I'd love to see! Email the photos to
P.S. Want to win the headband Saige is wearing for your doll? Enter my giveaway Here!                       


  1. Those turned out cute .. I have never seen it but will have to look for it now .. Rainbow loom .. kewl

    1. Really? Rainbow Loom's super popular where I live!