Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lego Fan Club: How to Draw Unikitty

Hey everyone!
This week's Lego Fan Club post is a little simple...I hope you don't mind!
Anyways, today I'm going to show you how to draw Unikitty from The Lego Movie!

Step 1: Draw a rectangle.
Step 2: Below the rectangle, draw a circle.
Step 3: Draw an arch connected to the circle.
Step 4: Draw 2 rectangles on the bottom of the arch.
Step 5: Draw a curly line on the back of the arch.
Step 6: Draw a long, skinny triangle on top of the rectangle. Draw 2 triangles on its sides.
Step 7: Draw 2 circles in the rectangle. Draw a skinny arch on the side. Draw another circle below the arches.
Step 8: Draw 3 lines on each of the eyes.
Step 9: Draw a circle in the middle of the rectangle. Draw a half-circle under your circle.
Step 10: Draw a line connecting the circle and the half-circle.
Step 11: Draw an almond shape on the bottom of the half-circle.
Step 12: Draw 2 circles below the eyes.
Step 13: Trace and color!

If you try drawing Unikitty, please send a photo to
P.S. If you want to share this, please ask first. I hope your Unikitty turns out awesome!

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