Friday, April 18, 2014

Saige Weekend: 2 No-Sew Crafts

Hi girls!
Sorry today's post is a little late, I had a busy day.
Anyway, today we are going to make 2 no-sew crafts!
Craft 1: Saige's Art Smock
You will need:
Fabric Markers
A Pair of Scissors
A Hole Punch

Draw a pentagon on the fabric. Make sure it fits your doll, then cut it out.
Using the hole punch, punch two holes on the upper sides of the pentagon.
Slide a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie it.
Now for the fun part...decorating! Use your fabric markers to draw some designs on the fabric.
Now your doll can create masterpieces without getting dirty!

Craft 2: Picasso's Saddle
You will need:
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Dots

Cut two identical circles from the fabric.
Glue them together with your hot glue gun/glue dots.
To make your saddle fancier, you can glue some ribbon the sides of your saddle.
Picasso is ready to gallop in his new saddle!

I hope you enjoyed making my crafts! Feel free to send some photos to
Happy Good Friday!:D