Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blogger of the Year Award Info!

Hi guys!
So, I'm planning to do an award that will be handed out to 5 bloggers in different categories.
1. Best Blog
2. Best Photostories
3. Best Business Owner
4. Just Because
5. Best Layout

If you have a blog and would like to enter, comment down below with the link and I'll check out your blog. Also, just know that I have a really hard time choosing only a few people. I wish I could nominate everyone, but I just can't. I'm really sorry. I'll announce the winners on December 30th. By the way, this award is one I made up. So, don't feel like you're blog isn't good enough just because I didn't choose it.

I will also contact the winners before the award is handed out. That way, you'll know in advance. If you get an email from me titled "Blogger of the Year", than please reply with your reaction to the news, as the winners will be posted like this:

Winner's Reaction:
Why I Chose Them:

I will send out the email's by the 29th. If you don't reply, I'll just leave out the reaction part for everyone, because it's not fair.
Have a great day!


  1. sounds fun! heres the link to my blog

  2. I'd like to enter my blog.

  3. Okay! I'll check your blog out!

  4. Here is my blog: :)

    1. Cool! I currently have the winners in already, so I'm sorry I can't pick you. Maybe for a future award!