Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 Award Nominations!

Hi everyone!
I'm really excited, I've just received two awards from Pretty Lilly and Marisa!
Let's start with Pretty Lilly!

1.Would you rather wear skirts or shorts?
I only wear skirts when someone makes me, and like I said in my Q&A, I'm a total tomboy.
2.Froyo or ice cream?
Geez, that's hard! I'll have to say Froyo, since I'm on a diet and Froyo tastes pretty much the same as ice cream.
3.What's your favorite season and why?
Duh, Winter! There's hot cocoa, sledding, and of course, NO SCHOOL!!!
4.What doll would you like to buy?
Jess(I know, I know) or Julie.
5.Do you like salty treats or sweet treats better?
Sweet Treats! I mean, who doesn't love a nice old-fashioned Hershey bar?
6.What's your favorite AG book?
I like the Samantha Mysteries. I wish they would write more!
7.What item do you like best of the new AG collection and why?
Click Here to see my favorites!
8. What is your favorite doll outfit?
Stop asking hard questions like this! I love the Skateboarding Set!
I nominate everyone who wants to be nominated!:)
Here are my questions:
1.Who's your favorite 1D guy?
2. Tangled or Frozen?
3. What doll do you want AG to retire?
4. TORTURE QUESTION!!! I you could only keep one doll and give away the rest, who would you keep?
5. Who's your favorite AG doll?

Time for Marisa's questions!

What is your favorite doll?
Shhh... don't tell Katie, but Saige is my favorite!
What is your favorite thing about having a blog?
Getting to share my opinions with other girls!
What is the worst thing someone has said to you on your blog?
Thank god, nobody has ever said anything rude to me on my blog!
Do you have a doll house?
Unfortunately, no.:(
When did you get your first AG doll?
April 17, 2013
What is your favorite article of doll clothing that you have?
Saige's Sweater Outfit!
Who is your best online friend?
Who is your favorite AG Tuber?
I don't really watch AGTube
Do you watch Aspen Highs? If so, are you a Team Belita or a Team Calita?
Sorry, I don't watch Aspen Highs.
Which of your dolls personalities is most like you?
Probably Katie!

Thanks for nominating me! If you answer my questions, please comment below with a link!
P.S. Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway in a few weeks!