Friday, January 2, 2015

Tsum Tsums!

Hey guys!
My Mom bought me and my brother some Tsum Tsums yesterday. They are so cute!

The Minnie and Pooh Tsums are mine and the Doc Tsum is my brother's.
I decided that Pooh would be owned by Katie and that Minnie would be owned by my EAH dolls.
Do you have any Tsums?


  1. I have Winnie The Pooh, Bullseye, and Stitch!:) My Tsum Tsums belong to my EAH's too!:D They are the perfect size for them.;)

    1. Cool! Bullseye and Stitch are really cute, I would love to have them! And actually, the idea that my Tsum should belong to my EAH's came from you! You're really inspirational!