Friday, January 2, 2015

What I Think of Grace: Part 2

Hey peeps!
Time for WITOG(What I Think of Grace) Part 2! Today I'll review her outfts along with her accessories(I forgot to review those in yesterday's post!). Well, let's get started!

Wow! I love the soft pastel colors, they're so pretty!

These are adorable! I love the shade of blue and the bow on her tank top!

OMG! I don't know why, but the sweater reminds me of Justice. Either way, the bow and flats are just too cute!

It seems like every outfit Grace owns has this shade of blue and a bow on it. All except her City Outfit, of course.

I would very much rather buy the Our Generation Suitcase, thank you very much.

Cute, but not worth the price.

OMIGOSH! This looks so awesome on Grace! If you have her, this is a must! Love it!

That's it for today! Look out for the final part of WITOG tomorrow!

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