Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I Think of Grace: Part 1

Hey peeps!
Grace Thomas is here y'all! I'll be doing a series called What I Think of Grace, like WITOB. Let's start!
This post is gonna be about the doll, accessories, books, pets, and maybe furniture.

She's so cute! She reminds me of Nellie, her face is so sweet. But her story, ugh. I mean seriously, her aunt invites her to come to Paris, and she complains because she can't cook and start a business.

Um, seriously? You could easily make these yourself. I mean, just print out some pics of the Eiffel Tower, get some felt and round it, and make some clay cookies. You know, I might actually try making this set.

This is really cute! Only the name is stupid. I mean, BonBon, seriously?

This is so cute! It looks so realistic, but the price-ugh. :P

I don't know what to say. This is the most expensive thing AG has ever made.

Cute, but not worth the price.

Overall, everything is way too pricey, but cute.
What do you think of Grace?

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  1. Sorry guys! I forgot to include Grace's Accessories. Oh well, I'll post them tomorrow.