Saturday, September 6, 2014

What I Think of BeForever: Part 2

Hi guys!
Today I'll be posing Part 2 of "WITOB". Enjoy!
I'll be posting Part 3 sometime next week(Yes, I changed my mind again).

Samantha has made her grand return! I love her new outfit and she has made her way onto my wishlist!

Eh, it's cute but I wouldn't pay $24 for it.

Again, the hat is cute, but I wouldn't buy this set.

 AG, you made this dog WAY to fluffy. Which just makes him look fat. And his face looks like he's frowning.

This is way too girly for me.

Again, too girly for me.

The pants are way too puffy. And isn't that the same hat from Samantha's Hairstyling Set?

I would much rather get Julie's Banana Seat Bike then this.

Three words: I NEED MONEY.

Too old-fashioned for me.

Samantha looks like Cruella DeVil in this coat.

Gorgeous! This looks luxurious!

This is cute! Love how the music bow really works!

This would be great for a party!

Rebecca looks so great in purple! I love this outfit!

Too much money.

What?! This looks like a five year old toy!

Wow! I love the blue! Rebecca looks great in cool colors!

Hmm.. they look like they can be made out of clay!

This is cute! But the scripts are kinda useless.

This looks really comfortable!

What the heck? She looks like Cecile!

This is just useless unless you have Addy.

That's cute, but Doll Diaries made a meat pie, LOVE cookies, and grapes out of Sculpey clay.

Too many layers!

This is really casual and great for a hot day!

Overall, these sets were nice, but with some poorly-made details. Plus everything was too expensive, as usual.

Look out for Part 3 tomorrow or next week!
P.S. I'll be having an "100 Posts Giveaway" soon... stay tuned for that!

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