Saturday, September 13, 2014

What I Think of BeForever: Part 3!

Hi guys!
Finally! Enjoy the last part of WITOB!

Wow! This outfit would look good on any doll!

Mmm...yummy! But you can always make this set yourself, don't you think?

Nice! I like how they didn't make a frilly pink dress. That would've been awkward!

At first, I thought this had nothing in common with Josefina's outfit. But then I realized the bottom has the same design.

This is kind of useless. Especially the ribbon.

This reminds me of Saige...

Overall, most of WITOB Part 3's sets were pointless. AG could've done much better.
I hope you enjoyed What I Think of BeForever! I sure did and would love to do it again!
Have a great day!

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